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done and dusted

The interview is done. I have sent copies of the mp3 conversations between Parviz and I, as well as various things from staff meetings, as they would not publish without absolute proof. They don't want to focus on the fact that i (still!) havent received my final wage or holiday pay, but rather on the way the school is run. It has a corresponding investigation into a school in stockholm, and they plan to air the message that parents have to be very careful, as well as students, when choosing a school. Skolverket have confirmed there have been complaints against the school (true) but refused to comment on the article. Parviz will be contacted for his opinion, so we'll see how it turns out.

check swedishhighschool.blogspot.com for details and updates.

thanks a million for everyones support, especially the former staff, who have provided invaluable background information and support.


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Last tango in Buenos Aires

Thats it, its over.

Last night of a (have to say it) epic 6 month trip. Finished off in style by going to an audience with the dalai lama; the only guy who ever ended a speech by saying "i have no idea" and giggling. Now for some fine mendoza wine and a good meal. flights were changed and nobody told us, but we called and sorted it all out. no probs. Short stop in brazil, another in germany then into my mums car.

The journey has been incredible, but i am at saturation point, as will happen on a long one. Looking forward to moving ahead with various plans.

Spanish has improved a great deal, which will help no end for moving to Barcelona in Sep and also with learning Catalan.

Skating not improved too much, as it was hard as hell to get a session going! BA has been cool though, and had a nice skate on a beachside mini ramp yesterday.

Tan is non existent, although i will probably reverse that opinion when I see the pastry-faced scots.

best buy: my bolivian chess set. Worst buy: my swimming shorts that i didnt try on first and reveal more than I am will(y)ing.

Best meal: just about to have it. worst meal: christmas time in ecuador with the squirts.

best skate: a small curb and a long flat marble stretch in Nazca, Peru. Worst skate: Quito suburbs, including bits of twisted metal sticking out of bits of the park and an attempted robbery on the way home..."my board is bigger than your knife" i heard myself say.

Best place; you kidding? so hard to say. Valparaiso? Machu Pichu?
worst place : Quevedo in Ecuador, or the mariscal district (a succesful robbery this time) in Quito.

Best horse..according to Frida; the brown one. 2nd best horse: the other brown one.

best dog: The one on the isle of chiloe with the 2 tone eyes and the sweetest personality in the world. See photos on the spaces site.
worst dog: That shit in ambato that stopped me from getting a drink in the shop...got a stone hurled at him for his trouble. viscious!

best accomodation; our flat in Baños. Worst; gay porno palace (otherwise known as the hotel "crystal" in Oaxaca mexico)


home in 2 days, and hope to say hi to some you thereaferwardswise.

los dos

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Homeward Bound


the trip is drawingn to a close, with the usual mixed emotions. On one hand, being here in this impassioned city (buenos aires) is really lighting my candle. Am kehrseite der medaille, (which is a phrase i learned in high school german meaning ón the other side of the coin´and german people laughed at me for using it), i am seriously looking forward to seeing my family again; this wee lass above in particular (sorry to the rest of you, dinny be jealous)...

At the moment, just finishing the gift shopping, and am off now to buy tickets to see the dalai lama. he´s been eluding me for a while, but i´ve nailed him down to sunday.

Skateparks here are amazing, especially after so long scraping the barrel for a decent curb.

So, it´s almost summer all over again. PLans? in no particular order...
-Get a nice wee surfboard and a wetsuit.
-Hopefully get this position of Director of Studies at an Edinburgh language school thats being dangled in front of me!
- Get a left hand drive maroon red VW Beetle.
- DJ as much as possible.
- Raise cash for my dad.
- finish this article on the swedish school fiasco for the magazine
- spend lots of time with my family and get to know wee bailie
- save cash for the move to barcelona in september
- catch up with friends
- see my brother get married, and embarass him in my best man speech
- many others!

so, will be home 2nd may, and will be asleep until the 4th, so perhaps see some of you thereafter.

che che che ciao

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chiloe 1.jpg

Arrived here in horrendous weather last night, and thankfully found a cheap hostel. In Ancud, on the north of the island. Chiloe is very dinstinctly seperate from mainland chile. Yes, I know its an island, but i mean in terms of culture. The island is abound with myths and folklore, including my favourite, TRAUCO...

He lures people into the forest, and is held accountable for numerous ill deeds. It is with the laydeez, however, that he shows his prowess. If the father of a child isnt known, it´s Trauco. You stick to that story hen...

Darwin claimed that these people had no contact with the Inca civilisation, and that 10-12 species of potato grew in genetic isolation here on acount of that. This evidence is behind a current process in international courts to patent the origin of these potatoes and register them to chiloe, which is greatly vexing the Peruvians and bolivians. In an age where genetic patenting has a growing economic viability, this is more contentious than it sounds. I am boring you..

The weather was gooorjus today, and a walk was had in search of some humboldt and maggalen penguins. Got a rural bus out to the middle of nowhere and trekked down to the beach, acompanied by a dog called Juano, who reminded me of my dads dog milo. We ate empanadas de mariscos in a lovely stilt-supported cafe on this windswept beach and then tried to talksome fishermen into taking us out. No dice. too rough, and the penguin colonies apparently left a matter of days ago. selfish ba*tardos! I only wanted a small one for a pair of original moccasins.

the day was incredible, not least thru the presence of three uncannily beautiful and kind dogs, who scorted us all the way back to the bus route. Rainbows, wild deer, rugged beauty. Two locals told us these dogs do this all the time, just for the crack. The decision has been taken to seek out one of identical nature and similar breeding in Barcelona.

Tomorrow to Castro to catch a boat to Curaco, where the oysters go for 10p a pop, and watch the sunset from a hammock (wrapped in furs.)

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Validivia, Chile

sea lion.jpg

apparently, according to the guidebook, "chiles most attractive city".

Not in this weather, i assure you. Bloody freezing. Summer is well and truly over this far south, and the tourists have deserted the place. We managed to bargain this lady down for a room in her hotel from 42000 pesos to 10000 pesos (9 quid) as there is nobody here!

The city was one of the last outposts of spanish colonial rule i the americas. They were defeated by none other than a scotsman...lord thomas cochrane. check out http://gosouthamerica.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=gosouthamerica&zu=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.royalnavalmuseum.org%2Finfo_sheets_thomas_cochrane.htm for info on him...colourful guy!

The undeniable highlight, is hanging around the fishmarket watching the sealions come up and debase themselves for some scraps. Some of the fights get a bit unruly. The smells, noises and outpourings of male bravado to secure a morsel is not unlike ellios chippy at the glamis centre in glenrothes...check it out at 8.30 on a friday night and see what i mean.

They were so absorbing that we only just caught the bus! Sweaty but seated, we continued south. The chilan bus companies are extremely attentive to your comfort, and even come to wipe the condensation off the windows so you can see out better. Against the mist and rain, however, it was a losing battle.

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