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sleepy day

sunny 27 °C

Been really lazy today. went out last night with thorulf the swede to dinner in a big, posh house in the southern suburbs. this city was originally built as a retreat for rich mexicans from mexico city, and is packed with swimming pools. this house was incredible. dinner was a buffet affair with refried beans, hot salsa verde and roja, tortillas, veg, tacos, queso blanco and sol beer. others there were english teachers. Very nice people, who made us feel very welcome. Some very interesting chat, especially with a 45 year old californian surfer with whom i could compare skateboard injuries. the huge plate in his arm beat me hands down.

oops,place is closing.more to tell.back soon

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1st day in Cuernavaca

sunny 25 °C

DSC01524.JPGDSC01508.JPGonly_hell.jpgDSC01475.JPGDSC01513.JPGHello hello

Trip here was very very long.Up at 4am after nae sleep, off to edinburgh airport. Flew to Frankfurt for a 3 hour wait, and then off on the 11hour flight to Mexico City. Arrived to a huge immigrations queue and on to the bus for the 2hr trip to Cuernavaca. Hotel Americo is a fiver a night and it´s actually not tooooo shabby, so I´m happy.

Up this morning for a stroll and some breakfast. People wish you good day in the street, and are exceptionally helpful, just as i remember them.

They are big on eggs for breakfast, which is fine by me!

Got some time here (2 weeks) to soak up the atmosphere and relax a bit. get some writing done and catch some sunshine before heading down to the coast. will upload some photos really soon.


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preperation and veggie masala

all seasons in one day 12 °C

well, it's the night before the trip. A very quick jaunt to edinburgh to do some last minuto nonsense, a quick skate in kirkcaldy and now for some fooood in my neglected belly. It's starting to sink in a bit now that tomorrow is going to bring an enormous change in scenery, but I am still fairly relaxed about the whole deal. I've been there before, and left home on so many trips, big and small, that this really shouldn't phase me too much. Still, there is the inevitable dull ache of panic in the corner of my mind that I have overlooked something vital.

Secured my new passport by making up a cry-baby story which i am to embarrased to recount here. I was VERY lucky to get one the same day. They refused me first until I pleaded. Myt old passport is stained and stinks of superglue, and would never get me past even the most docile of customs officers. I am very relieved to have that particular item replaced.

Lost all the music on my hard drive, which I had planned to transfer to my mp3 when i got here. Been frantically downloading more, but it's not the same.

Plan is to post as many short stories as possible up here, and document thsi trip in a less traditional format. For the other kind (today we did this, and the weather was great...ha et cetera) I have another site on MSN. will email you all the adress.

hasta la pasta amigos, stay in touch.


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